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Customizable Door Options
Customizable drawer box options.
State of the art hinges and guides.
The doors and drawers of your new cabinets are most of what defines your style.  Why limit yourself by the options offered at big stores selling to the masses?  Through our suppliers you have access to over 250 door styles along with the ability to create just about any style you can imagine.
In addition, our suppliers use certified harvested wood, never poached, for a sustainable future.
Our 5/8" solid dovetail drawer boxes come pre-assembled and are available in a variety of high-quality wood species.
We also offer 1/2" doweled plywood boxes in prefinished maple, prefinished birch, and white melamine.
TANDEM plus BLUMOTION offers smooth running action, quiet closing, and dependability for the lifetime of the cabinets.
Custom cabinet installation means that every detail will be handled by a seasoned artisan.  Another reason to choose us rather than generic mass manufactured boxes.
Handcrafted cabinets and installation mean your new cabinets will nestle perfectly in their new home.
All products and finishes are ceritfied low emitters of formaldahyde  and adhere to all EPA regulations.
When planning your kitchen design, the concept of a "work triangle" is an important thing to consider.  But when it comes down to it, your lifestyle should determine the functionality of your kitchen.  The work triangle is a kitchen design idea, not a law.

We can help you determine which design style fits best with your lifestyle.
Kitchen Design.  We can assist with any level that you are comfortable with.  From installation only to full layout and anything in between. We also work alongside other contractors and designers,
if you have them already, to ensure your satisfaction.
All of our cabinet wood comes from suppliers that practice sustainable forestry and selective harvesting. Ensuring that natural resources will be around for generations to come.
Maximizing function in its new form.

Here is an exciting area where you can let your imagination and creativity run wild.  How will you utilize your new cabinet space to best fit your style?  The possiblitites are virtually limitless. Let us help you  choose which cabinet accesories to pick and where to put them for maximum effect and efficiency.
All products and finishes are ceritfied low emitters of formaldahyde  and adhere to all EPA regulations.
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